Zyliss Smoothglide Peeler

Zyliss Smoothglide Peeler
Item# zyliss-smoothglide-peeler
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Product Description

The Zyliss Smoothglide Peeler® is the go-to, all-purpose peeler for kitchen tasks from apples to winter squash. Topped with a sturdy steel tip to remove potato eyes or blemishes, the ergonomically designed Smoothglide Peeler® makes quick prep work of any food for your favorite recipe.

Improved compact ergonomic design makes a comfortable grip for small and large hands

Sharp steel blades breeze through the toughest produce skins

Stainless steel tip easily removes blemishes from produce

Contemporary two-tone colors inspired by nature

Each tool may be hung on a hook, but is shallow enough to put in a tool drawer

Dishwasher safe